Maidstone Baptist and Covid-19

Following the drastic measures introduced by the Government this week to protect us and try to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the Baptist Union have advised against all Sunday services, with immediate effect.   
Sunday services at Maidstone Baptist Church will therefore cease with immediate effect until such time as different advice is given.        
A notice will be posted on the door to this effect, and we will try to telephone any who don't get these emails, but do please tell others you know of who may not be aware.

All church activities have likewise been cancelled, including Connect groups, and all social activities.

This is of course a sad day and we shall all miss our Sunday gatherings to worship, listen to God's word, and fellowship with one another.  It is hoped to contact you approximately once a week with some spiritual input.  We are also looking at some form of Online meeting on a Sunday morning.  We will confirm more details of this in the next day or so, but it will hopefully include some bible readings, a little talk and some bible study.  If this is something you would like to be involved in please contact Alastair on 

We would want to support those of you who are isolated and may need assistance with shopping or other matters, so do please tell us if this would be helpful for you.   Likewise, if you are not in a vulnerable group and would feel able to offer such help, please let us know.  Please email to either offer assistance or for requests for help.

We know that God is sovereign and we trust Him and his rich love for each one of us as we walk this challenging and uncertain path.   May we pray for one another, especially for those who face several weeks at home, and encourage one another in our faith.

Alastair Middlemist, 20/03/2020